The 1st self-service store chain in Switzerland

We're always by your side!

Serving customers with healthiness and freshness around the clock

We provide fresh and healthy ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook food, snacks, beverages and daily used non-food goods in close proximity and around the clock. We stay close to our customers, we are the connection between our customers and the products they need.



Our stores are located in your neighboorhood or on your way to work.

Fresh, Healty, Local

Our products are always fresh, healty and directly sourced from local producers, kitchens and restaurants. We take our social responsability seriously.


We are the first self-service convenience store chain in Switzerland. Our store is open all around the clock.

How it works

1. Locate and Open

Stand in front of a store and open it with your smartphone.

2. Take some products

Choose what you like and go to the check out area.

3. Checkout

Put all your products in a basket and scan a code. The system will automatically recognize what you bought and charge it using your favorite payment method (e. g. credit card, Postcard, Maestrocard, TWINT and more).

Pilot store

Pilot store launching on the 1st February 2019


We are finalizing our selection of suppliers.


We are deciding on the final location of the store.


We are finalizing our selection of hardware and are in the progress of developing the software.


We are looking for partners to fuel our growth.

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Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.


Sales MA HSG Banking and Finance

Jiachen, as a professional corporate development manager, he has multiple cross functional project management experience. In his past work experience, he has been successfully initiated and developed several multinational, cross functional strategic initiatives and M&A projects.


Finance & Legal MA HSG Accounting and Finance

Oliver is a Swiss native. He is an accounting/controlling expert with multi-years of experience in budgeting, planning, business partnering, and process automation.


System Architect Bachelor of Science FHNW in Computer Science

Patrick is a Swiss native. He is an experienced IT system development project leader. He is experienced in hardware & software system integration architect, and has led team deliver project under high time pressure.

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